The Shuk

Today we visited the “shuk,” which is the open air market in Ashdod. It is a little bit of a trek compared to the grocery store, which is only a fifteen minute walk (the shuk is probably an additional 15 minutes of bus travel), but it is well worth the journey. There are lots of fresh produce, bulk supplies, and random wares for sale, such as clothing, school supplies, Hello Kitty merchandise, cables/adapters, etc.


Bulk candy and sweets! The marshmallows in front (white, green, yellow, and blue) looked really strange.

I was super happy to find a stand selling bulk spices, and the merchant helped me find what I wanted by letting me smell his different containers. I wasn’t able to find everything that I wanted, but we still covered much of my list! I think next time I’ll do some research beforehand so I can write down the Hebrew names of what I’m looking for. Also, fun fact, “cinnamon” is called “kin-ah-mohn” in Hebrew.

A quick snapshot of one aisle in the shuk

A quick snapshot of one aisle in the shuk

I was also able to find some cheap spice jars and measuring spoons for the kitchen, but was running out of time for this visit, before I needed to meet back up with the rest of the group. I rushed to buy some fresh groceries, and it’s probably a good thing that I had limited time, or I would have bought way too much. I was shocked to find out how cheap all of the produce is. I will definitely try to buy all of my fresh fruits and vegetables at the shuk, as many weeks as possible. The shuk is only open on Wednesdays and only until 5pm, and once I start working, I’ll probably get off work around 2pm…but hopefully I can still make regular trips out there!


On my way out, I grabbed one of these za’atar covered flatbreads, which they slathered with olive oil and baked fresh in a small oven in the tent. It was massive, cheap, and so, so delicious. I can’t wait to try making my own with the pita and za’atar spice I bought today.

Yummy za'atar flatbread OF THE GODS

Yummy za’atar flatbread OF THE GODS


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