New to Me (the running list)

– There are stray cats everywhere. It’s very hard for me not to pet them.

– Domino’s has a vegan pizza option for only about a dollar more than their regular-style pizza, and it’s pretty good. The texture of the “cheese” is very creamy and satisfying. I still think Spak Bros in Pittsburgh has the best vegan pizza, though.

Nicely done, Domino's! Though I still think that Spak Bros Pizza in Pittsburgh does vegan pizza best.

Nicely done, Domino’s! Though I still think that Spak Bros Pizza in Pittsburgh does vegan pizza best.

– There are no clothes dryers in the apartments here. Instead, we have drying racks and this very warm half-room, half-window space with a set of clotheslines. There is some kind of mechanical unit producing heat within it, but it works especially well when the sun is out, and it’s pretty cool.

– The water at the beach is the warmest beach water I have ever been in. It is incredibly warm. Amazingly warm. Warmmmm.

– And the sand is super soft.

– The drinking/washing water feels “softer” here, compared to the “hard” Pittsburgh water that I’m used to.

– Young Israeli women don’t have short hair. I think I finally saw one or two when we went into Tel-Aviv, but all the Ashdod ladies keep it long and luxurious.

– All young Israelis are also fit and have beautiful complexion.

– And Israeli guys (at the bar) are very forthright.

– No one thanks the bus driver, the grocery store clerk, etc. when leaving.

– You have to have security “check” your bag before you enter the mall or grocery store, usually just a quick glance.

– No tax on food or clothes, and a 10% tip is automatically added to restaurant checks.

– Mosquitoes don’t like me as much here. Usually I’m the first to get attacked and would get five or six nasty bites at a time, but here I’m (almost) immune. Hooray!

– All stores and businesses shut down by 2pm on Friday for Shabbat, and don’t open back up until Saturday at sundown.


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