First Ulpan Lesson and Training Day

On Sunday, I had my first “ulpan” lession. Ulpan is technically defined as intensive Hebrew studies. While ours will surely be intensive, we will only have ulpan twice a week for two hour sessions, rather than the usual 5-5-5 (hours, days, months) regiment.

We are also entering in an odd transition time for the community center and schools that would host our ulpan classes, so we are having two temporary groups, beginners and advanced, until official classes can be established. And, thanks to the few “learning Hebrew” cds I listened to last month, I was placed into the advanced group. I certainly struggled to keep up with the later portions of the lesson, but my classmates assured me that I was picking it up fast. I hope they’re right!


This morning, we took a coach bus up to Holon, picking up the Ramle-Lod teaching fellows group on the way. We arrived at Talpyot College, joining the other Teaching Fellows groups from the other cities in the south. Our morning was comprised of boring lectures, but they provided us with coffee and sandwiches at least. The afternoon was much more engaging, as we did yet more icebreakers and some techniques/workshopping with only the Ashdod and Ramla groups.

Tomorrow is my first day observing the school where I am to be volunteering, with Katie. I don’t know how to say this more eloquently, but…I’m so excited!!!


And since this post had no photos, here’s one of some flowers that are everywhere here.




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