Dream Entry #2 – Cease-fire

In my dream, I out in Ashdod with a few of my fellows, and perhaps a few others, though it’s hard to remember faces. We are walking around, when we suddenly hear activity in the sky. Looking up, I see streams of smoke following dozens of rockets (I’ve seen photos of these airborne rockets from ground-view, but the ones in my dream are exaggerated in size and proximity). Rather than run for shelter, everyone begins to run for the beach, putting on life jackets mid-stride and plunging into the choppy waters. Rockets begin to fall from the sky and onto the sand and the water.

Suddenly I am inside, again hiding from the rocket-fire with my comrades. We try to escape to another building, and are running through streets watching more rockets fall around us. The rockets are non explosive, but frequent and hard-hitting impact. One hits near to me, and it throws me to the ground.

I am embarrassed to have had this dream.

Yesterday, the other apartment and I had a lovely Shabbat dinner. After the meal, we talked around the Shabbat table about the cease-fire, most of us having just recently learned that the agreement was only set to last for a month. Most every Israeli that I’ve talked to here does not believe the rockets will start up again this year. “Next summer, or maybe the one after, but really, we do not fight during the school year. We become busy, we forget…” They all spoke so casually about it, it’s baffling to me. At the table, we fellows talked about the bravery of the families here, the children’s loss of an entire summer vacation, and our determination to do what we can to give the children the best school year possible.

It was moving to feel a part of this dedicated team, but my dream last night has me confused. Am I more afraid than I thought about the end of the cease-fire? I want to be as confident as the Israelis, but I’ve never had this threat to my lifestyle. Whatever happens, I want to make strong and sure actions, for the safety and well-being of the kids, my peers, and myself.


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