New Valiant Steed

Today, as I rode into school on the city bus, I left behind a little “thanks for the good times, but I’m moving on” note on the window.



Okay, so I actually didn’t do that.

But this kiss was still on the bus.

And it WAS probably the last time I’ll be bussing into school for a while…

Say hello to my brand new bike.

What a stud

What a stud

I’d already visited the shop twice before to see the bikes and talk about a group discount. This time, it took me about two and a half hours at the bike shop to direct all five fellows how to get there, and then for us to all get set up in the crowded, busy shop. All of this after a day of school, walking home to a fellows meeting, and a hot and hurried trip to the Shuk, but the feeling of us all riding home in the cool nighttime air made it all so totally worth it.

A Thousand Blessings for the bike guys who helped us. Seriously.

Now for some random events:

They have Red Bull girls in Ashdod!


Well, kinda. The “cars” look like this, and they wave at you and yell Hebrew at you until you go over and accept their free BLU energy drinks.

Also in this shopping area, I found this laser-cut notebook in a “shekel store,” and it made me really nostalgic for the Digital Arts Studio work that I did last year:

Awww, I could totally make this...if I had a laser cutter

Awww, I could totally make this…if I had a laser cutter

I started having drawing time again:

He poos clouds

He poos clouds

Not sure what I’m doing yet (do I ever?) but it’s good to feel like I’m releasing something onto the paper. No matter how confusing, I feel like the images reflect something about my current state of mind.

Tomorrow, after Ulpan, I’m going with some friends into Tel-Aviv for the weekend! Stephanie and I will be staying with her friends, which is really helpful. Aaaand, a Pittsburgh friend put me in touch with her Israeli friend Tom, and I’m very excited to meet her! We might do some sci-fi movies at “Utopia Fest,” or go out to eat, or to the beach, or…who knows! I’m off now to research what we’d like to do while there, though I think it will also be pretty low key. I’m really looking forward to it, so I just have to make sure I get a good night’s sleep and hope that this sore throat is just from talking so much in school…


2 thoughts on “New Valiant Steed

  1. Karen Beraha says:

    Chloe, I am thoroughly enchanted, charmed and engaged with your adventures In your blog. I just want you to know how much I am enjoying hearing it all. I love Israel and feel totally connected through you. If there is anything you need anywhere in Israel, I’m happy to connect you to wonderful friends! Lots of love,

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