Dream Entry #3 – Hamburgers, Bikes, and Fancy things


I’m trying to bring my family to a gourmet burger joint before it closes at 10pm. It’s 9:30pm, and I know that the restaurant is a 30 minute walk. Still, I try my best to hustle them all to the restaurant in time. We arrive, but the managers are closing up. I plead with them to let us eat, saying how hungry we are and how far we’ve walked to get there. One manager feels bad for me, and turns to the other to say that it “wouldn’t be such a big deal, especially for a 14-year old girl and her family.” They start to move around chairs and tables, and I don’t say anything about my age, just happy that we’re finally going to be seated. I’m still stressed out that my family is not going to enjoy the meal, since they had to walk and wait so late.


I have four bikes, but all of them have their front tires blown out. I am pushing them all down the sidewalk, and leave them outside a cafe. I go inside to meet my friends, who are sitting by the window. When I join them, they offer that I “take off my wig” and add it to their pile. I take an orange wig from my head, with straight-cut bangs and long hair, and place it in the stack of now four wigs. I am watching the four bikes, and realize I forgot to lock them up. It starts to rain, and I continue to watch them, hoping both that no one will take one, and that the rain will stop. When the rain finally stops, I rush outside to try to find them a safer spot.


I am shopping in a very fancy clothing/evening wear/jewelry store with two friends. One of the friends is wealthy and shopping for a girl he wants to take out, but I am just there to have fun looking around. He is on his phone the entire time, while I touch and pick up different fancy things. The woman in the store asks me questions about the occasion, and I pretend to be the date he’s shopping for.


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